Our Manufacturing Partner

Fahad Cables Industry FZE (UAE)

Fahad Cables Industries FZE is one of the most reputable manufacturers of network cables in the Middle East. Providing a happier, richer future through providing solutions for copper and optical communication for the past 20 Years.  Founded an ultra-high-speed, multimedia world with  full flash production facility in Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone (United Arab Emirates) to facilitate you throughout the telecommunication world.

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TMT GLobal Products

With more than 29years of experience, Al Mazrooei Security Systems LLC is recognized as the market leader in the field of security, communication, and entertainment. We deliver top-ranked solutions that mitigate the risks you face as a consumer, business owner, or employee by providing products that work seamlessly with complementary technologies and applications.

Since its inception in 1994,

Al Mazrooei Security Systems LLC

has pioneered innovative security solutions and services, adapting product strategies to stay ahead of the dynamic threat landscape and serve customers as they evolve their IT infrastructures.

We continually advance our technologies to offer complete solutions from installation and monitoring through to physical intervention on site. No matter how simple or complex your security requirement, we provide innovative, effective solutions.

In the business world, you need to ensure your properties are protected in real time regardless of device, location, or application. You need to know your protection is easy and cost-efficient to manage, and you need it to grow and change as your business does. In short, you need smart, simple, security that fits

Network Cabinets